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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has collaborated with the three lake protective associations to design and print boater's maps for East Okoboji, West Okoboji, and Spirit Lake. The Boater's Maps feature lake depth, location of hazard buoys, marinas, gas docks, boat ramps, and points of interest to boaters. Maps are available at boat ramps, marinas, resorts, bait shops, Maritime Museum, Spirit Lake Mainsail, DNR Fish Hatchery, and invasive species volunteers.

East Okoboji & Lower Lakes   8.5 X 14" paper size   2.2 MB file size  EOLIC    CLICK HERE


West Lake Okoboji               8.5 X 14" paper size   2.4 MB file size  OPA    CLICK HERE


Big Spirit Lake                     8.5 X 11" paper size   0.5 MB file size  SLPA   CLICK HERE

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