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Lake Protective Associations

These organizations work to protect and improve the water safety and quality along with the environment of the lakes and their watersheds. Help them do their work by becoming a member. Their annual membership probably costs less than a new dock post.

Iowa Great Lakes Association: PO Box 468, Okoboji, IA 51355



Okoboji Protective Association: PO Box 242, Okoboji, IA 51355      Annual Dues: $25

Meets April thru September – Last Saturday of the month, 8 or 9 AM, – Iowa Lakeside Laboratory - Waitt Building                                             



East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corp: PO Box 45, Spirit Lake, IA 51360     Annual Dues: $20

Meets every month, except January, February, and March, on the Third Monday of the month, 7 PM, Spirit Lake Public Library Conference Room


Spirit Lake Protective Association: PO Box 51, Spirit Lake, IA 51360    Annual Dues: $30

Meets April thru early September – Second Saturday of the month, 8 AM, Orleans City Hall


Triboji Beach Betterment Association: 15479 Washington Street, Spirit Lake, IA 61360

Center Lake Improvement & Preservation: PO Box 540, Spirit Lake, IA 51360

Silver Lake Park Improvement Association: PO Box 352, Lake Park, IA 51347

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